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LAMP web Application Development Services

Hire LAMP developer at DigiScape to get a world-class robust web application development service at our end.

With heavy advancement in web development technologies, utilization of LAMP has been on the forefront in order to achieve crux of web solutions for business worldwide. LAMP is basically an acronym for the web development platform which uses Linux as Operating System, Apache Web Servers tools, MySQL for RDMS and PHP for OO programming.

  • Linux is uses its packages to provide a compete setup to LAMP platform.
  • Apache provides full Web server solutions to the LAMP stack
  • MySQL helps LAMP stack achieve its Relational Database Management Systems services
  • PHP helps the programming side of LAMP Development Services.

DigiScape as a full-fledged Lamp development company, creating web solutions for companies in order to accomplish better revenue growth and rebuild the business image. With our in-depth knowledge of open-source and object-oriented programming, we maintain high standards in building and delivering LAMP web solutions which can be relatable and user-friendly to end-customers. Delivering projects with full-force in industries like E-commerce, Education, Healthcare, ISVs, Publishing, Finance and Media, we ensure to utilize our resources with full capacity to elevate our clients’ business progress.

  • Possessing knowledgeable LAMP team for all your web app and dynamic website solutions.
  • Hire lamp developer, here at DigiScape, equipped with accurate knowledge to meet all client’s end-end LAMP web solutions.
  • Providing WAMP(Windows), MAMP(Macintosh), BAMP(BSD), WIMP(Windows, IIS) solutions for web browsing services.
  • We are a competent LAMP development company helping clients with CMS and REST ful solutions to increase efficiency of the sites.
  • With an knowledgeable PHP programming team, we build comprehensive LAMP Application Development Services for our clients.
  • Resolute to deliver the best, we run multiple our LAMP apps with multiple test scenarios before delivery.
  • Ensuring complete client-centricity we use all our experience and ensure to deliver what was both pre-decided and exactly in the favour of end-customers.

Our Lamp Development Expertise

WAMP/LAMP Application Development Solutions

Providing LAMP/WAMP/MAMP/ BAMP/ WIMP solutions with our services in Open-Source development, with an organized team handling end to end development process right away from ideation to delivery. Receive an unmatched website services with robust archetypal stack consisting Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

REST API and CMS Services

Hire LAMP developer with excellent knowledge in RESTful and Content Management Systems, to create features like Q&A web programs for your website. With PHP, REST API And CMS reinvent your websites’ impact that could attract more leads and end-customers.

PHP Development Solutions

An efficient PHP team behind our LAMP Application Development Services, which provide an high end Server-Side scripting and Object Oriented programming solutions. Used especially to make your websites more lively, PHP programming would help reshape your web apps to achieve greater goals.

Retail and Ecommerce Services

DigiScape is fully immersed into Ecommerce services at various level of web solutions and with a heavy backend support from our result-oriented, heavenly coded and easily deployable LAMP Application Development Services team, we help our clients receive accomplish smart Retail and Ecommerce development solutions.

Maintenance and Re-development Services

We setup client meetings in order to understand the areas of improvement in order to collaborate both client’s and team’s ideas to a common roadmap. DigiScape offer comprehensive Rebuilding and Monitoring tools like Cacti, Nagios and Collected for existing LAMP webs apps, in order to eradicate redundancy and increase efficiency and performance.

Quality Assurance and App Testing

As a renowned LAMP development company, DigiScape ensures to provide bug-free and high-end products. We deliver QA and Testing frameworks solutions utilizing Snort and netsniff-ng framework for your LAMP websites in order to make your website run high on performance and achieve required business goals.

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