Trending Technologies for in the world of Web Development services in 2019

If businesses are going smooth and global, much credit goes to these business’ websites that have been progressed to be cross-platform, responsive and automated, through a long process of evolution of technologies all through past years. Web Development services has taken a massive turn in advancement as what was perceived some years back. Each year with growth in innovations, and demand of new ideas which could strike the market with same acknowledgeable positive results, web development procedures are getting high-end changes. As per the successful website development companies in India this 2019 is all about the striking technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc.

Let’s decipher, more information about those technologies that are going to be a sizzling hot topic for web developers all through this 2019.

1. Angular 2

Now, Angular 2 is one of the reinvented technology, to start at the very first. This JavaScript framework came with a lot of rework done and with more features to be updated in future as the release schedule is in- lined for more updates in coming time. Since Angular 2 is moving towards more of a component driving architecture, it has become a new talk of the town. Most importantly Angular and Angular 2 are two really different things, since the latter is created in Type Script and bent more towards ECMAScript 6 features. Hire web developers who are inclined and are more interested to utilize it more and more for upcoming web projects.

2. Rails 5

Again, Rails 5 is the talk of the town here, although released in 2016, it is able to buzz developers recently with its fantastic features of letting them fetch links of full HTML pages, without involvement of client side JS frameworks. With more add-ons such as usage of web sockets to create real-time applications and API creation much easier than earlier version, really raised some brows, on developers’ end. It looks like, this technology is going to be one of the developers’ most favorite of the year.

3. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and NLP - Chatbots

Came fresh last year with a huge noise, are now making eventually seem to make an impactful mark this year. With the idea of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing all playing their part best to create a simulated environment for consumers to get their query asked, stored or answers over a website is finally came into existence. With a global success, this year is going to be a huge lookout for chatbot technology. With smaller website owners too seeking an advantage of, reduced manual consumer interaction and acknowledgement, it seems chatbots would be a prominent amongst every other website.

4. Blockchain Technology

Goes without a mention, Blockchain is not known for its crypto applications. It has untried farthest possibilities that web developers are still trying to figure out. This year is going to be very beneficial for blockchain technologies, since lots of notable blockchain desktop apps are shifted to web application development services.Moreover, utilization of Web3 JavaScript library in Blockchain projects has made way for more user-friendly web interfaces in decentralized applications. As the web trends is moving more towards decentralization, it is not wrong to say involvement of blockchain technologies in web development is surely going to increase.

5. Web Assembly

It’s often observed that, JavaScript involvement slows down calculations deeply affecting performance. While Web Assembly came with the possible solution of running faster than JavaScript, since the former compiles any programming code into byte code. Now this feature is giving a big upper hand to Web Assembly, but the problem is not many browsers support that. But, having said that, 2019 could be a year for observing that change too.

The race of bringing into the market some technology that could curate end-users with the most appealing, bug-free, and fastest website, is never going to end. Ant therefore it’s going to be interesting turn of events to keep a watch on what’ s new in the web development services world.

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