Internet of Things: Unfolding some highly expected IoT advancements in 2019

The widely used terms “Internet of Things” or ‘IoT’ are one of the simplest names given, to one of the most complex ideas of making dumb machines smarter, or better defined “utilizing machines for human to machine interactions”. IoT is a much discussed technology, which is painting both human and machine worlds into a new internet-friendly colour. With a flood of examples in IoT such as (but not limited to), Google’s Smart Home, Alexa, DHL’s Smart Tracking system, ProGlove’s Smart Gloves, Kohler Verdera Smart Mirror, are all speaking loud about their capabilities and usefulness in day-to-day purposes. With advancement of IoT in every field, such as luxury, healthcare, automobile, automotive, robotics, electronics, wearables, clothing, agriculture, corporate and enterprises – a much hyped curiosity is always seen for IoTproduct releases every year. With heavy speculations and predictions made every year; IoTnew releases never disappoint tech pundits, who are really looking forward for IoTsectors to serve hot and fresh onto their plates. We are here, to discuss some of the IoTadvancements needed to watch out for coming months of 2019.

1. Personalized Windows Release for Robots, this 2019

Yes, with announcement of Windows Server IoT 2019 made by Microsoft, IoT devices would have their very own Windows Server. This version is especially designed for a smaller, low-power IoT devices. Especially designed for Edge Devices, IoTdevices and robotic manufacturing devices, Windows Server IoT 2019 has help from Azure Cognitive Services and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon on IoT Devices.

2. BlockChains are newest addition to solve security issues

The major security issue till date is the tracking of responsible firm for the data leakage and device compromises in IoT devices. Moreover, the helplessness of not to be able to correctly determine whether the particular device is hacked or possess infected hardware is the uprising security flaw of all times, in IoTdevices. Well blockchains this year is going to be a great help in creating the required security wall around IoT devices – possibly would be able to meet major security issues, in IoT devices, this year.

3. #IoTgoals - 5G is all set to hit with a bang, this year

With some major firms including automotive, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and many more, coming out in open to accept 5G as the next most acceptable network to empowerIoTdevices. Seems like 5G is going to play a major role in enhancing robotics, machine & cognitive learning devices, self-driving cars, and most importantly in architecting Smart city plans.

4. Dominance of Smart applications and increase in IoT competition

The more population gets to know about the usefulness of IoTdevices, the more addition in demand would be observed. Thanks to the marketing world, at least Alexa and Google Home are now more of a household names. And yes many healthcare and manufacturing firms are signalling a green light to their respective industry related IoTapplications. Which further means, that this year more organizations would team up with IoT corporates to hunt opportunities to exploit this trendy tech, in the most useful way.

5. Closing ups and technologist scarcity

Yes, IoTis trendy yet have a very fluctuating market. Only been able to reach to the elitist, and is often labelled under luxury, someIoTstart-ups might see a closing up on the idea. While, the reason could also be a scarcity of correct technologist for proper built-up of the IoTend products, and again lesser are the support folks for an after created product. The possible other reason is the dominance of already existing IoTgiants, that can make smaller firms give their toughest time in this field.

But, having said that, we are all going to keep a close watch on updates that IoT market has for the interested folks. IoT is shaping the world and we can only imagine, what next in the list of IoT’s golden touch.

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